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Library Trustee Training & Resources

The Saskatchewan Library Trustees’ Association (SLTA) was established in 1967. The organization was a voluntary association of library trustees from across the province who joined together in their dedication to help provide library services to meet the needs of Saskatchewan people.

SLTA made its first annual brief to the Minister in 1968, and was incorporated under provincial law in 1969. The organization dissolved in 2022.

SLTA represented 2,500 trustees who, in turn, represented libraries across Saskatchewan. When SLTA dissolved, SLA agreed to host many of the important documents and training resources for library trustees that SLTA had developed over the years. These are the documents available below.


Module 1: Orientation

Module 2: Board Performance

Module 3: Planning and Development

Module 4: Advocacy and Public Trust

Module 5: The Role of Libraries in Early Learning

Module 6: Aboriginal Engagement and Libraries

Other Resources

The Government of Saskatchewan provides a list of all library regions in the province, and maps of each region noting where each public library branch is located. Click here for that information.