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Saskatchewan Library Association

The Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) is a provincial, volunteer, non-profit organization designed to further the development of library service in Saskatchewan and, through libraries, the culture of the province. SLA includes as members: individuals, institutions, and organizations who share a common interest in library service and cultural activities.

Vision, Mission, and Values

SLA provides information, advocacy, awareness, education, membership benefits and cultural opportunities for library workers and the public at large through its general operations and programs.

Vision: To build an engaged library and information community that is an active force in Saskatchewan’s social, economic and cultural development.

Mission: To be the voice of and support for Saskatchewan’s library communities.


  • Communication: The SLA defines communication as openness, transparency, and engagement with its stakeholders and members
  • Lifelong Learning: Lifelong learning, a key tenet of libraries in general, speaks to the fact that learning is not limited to formal education. The concept informs the programming, culture, and materials of libraries.
  • Culture, Economic and Social Opportunities: An element of the work of SLA is to support libraries in their efforts to provide cultural, economic and social opportunities.
  • Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity: The SLA is committed to ensuring that its programs and services meet the needs of diverse populations.
  • Reconciliation: The SLA has committed to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, not only in response to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but also as a way of operating and engaging with its members and stakeholders in perpetuity.

SLA diversity logoSLA Embrances Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In 2015 the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) was one of SaskCulture’s first eligible organizations to draft a diversity plan.  Many aspects of the document are embedded in the association’s strategic plan and both are reviewed regularly by SLA’s Board of Directors. SLA embraces diversity that includes Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) peoples, newcomers, individuals with disabilities, and people of all sexual orientations. The association’s diversity plan is embedded in its strategic plan, and it supports SLA’s vision to build and engage a library and information community that is an active force in Saskatchewan’s social, economic and cultural development. SLA drafted a diversity progress report for 2019 that is available here.

Statement of Values on Diversity

SLA’s statement of values on diversity is to demonstrate and promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity throughout the organization, programs, and services.

In order to reflect the changing diversity of the population in Saskatchewan, and provide services and programs that are relevant to the interests and needs of the province, through our membership, we will address diversity in the organization, in libraries, and in the communities that libraries serve.

SLA will endeavour to:

1. Incorporate the diversity plan into our strategic and operational plans;
2. Demonstrate its diversity goals in our governance documents;
3. Provide programs and services that implement the diversity plan;
4. Focus on initiatives that will support inclusivity and accessibility to SLA programs and services for newcomers and Indigenous peoples.

Click here to read SLA’s Diversity Plan.


SLA recognizes that it is on Treaty 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 territory and traditional lands of the Metis, an important part of our past and a crucial part of our future.  At SLA’s Annual General Meeting in May 2017, members endorsed the Canadian Federation of Library Associations – Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) Truth and Reconciliation Report and Recommendations.  SLA’s official endorsement statement along with the CFLA-FCAB report and recommendations are available here.

Primary Logo
The Saskatchewan Library Association logo is the primary element of our visual identity system and should appear on all association communications. It is made up of two elements:
1. Logo graphic
2. Saskatchewan Library Association wordmark

Acceptable Colour Versions
There are 3 colour versions of the primary logo:
1. Full colour (teal, light blue, black) – this is the preferred version and should be used wherever possible.
2. Black
3. Reverse (white)

Secondary Logo
In instances where the space provided is too small for the primary logo to be legible, or in special occasions when the use of the primary logo would be unsuitable, please use the secondary logo instead. Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full-colour version.  The secondary logo consists of the icon only.

Details about the logos are available in SLA’s downloadable guide below.

SLA Visual Branding Standards Guide

Choosing a file format: JPG or PNG

SLA logos are available to download in two different file formats. The information below is intended to help you choose the correct file format for your project.

JPG and PNG files are raster graphics, which means detail is composed with pixels. The image quality of raster graphics will degrade as you enlarge them or as you save them multiple times.

JPG files can be used across desktop publishing software, Word and PowerPoint with one limitation: transparency. JPG files have been included for some logos, where other file types cannot be employed. JPGs are built in RGB colour space.

PNG is an alternative that supports transparent backgrounds and can be useful in many applications – especially for web design where white may not be the desired background colour.

SLA logos are available to download below in both format options. To download any of the format options, click on the format link you want and then ‘right click’ on the logo to save.

Primary Logo (logo graphic and SLA wordmark):

Full Colour Version

Black Version

Reverse Version (White)

Secondary Logo (logo graphic only):

Full Colour Version

Black Version

Reverse Version (White)


Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal People (LSSAP)
Multitype Library Board (MLB)
Provincial Library and Literacy Office (PLLO)
Saskatchewan Council of Archives and Archivists (SCAA)
Saskatchewan Health Libraries Association (SHLA)
Saskatchewan School Library Association (SSLA)

Find the location of libraries around the province by visiting the Government of Saskatchewan’s website.

Finding Common Ground. In spring of 2017, SLA hosted a forum for several Saskatchewan based library associations and related stakeholders to discuss a number of matters of mutual concern. Read the report: Forum Report.


The Partnership

  • The Partnership is Canada’s national network of provincial and territorial library associations.  It meets twice a year to collaboratively develop services and programs for members of their respective associations. More than 7,500 people who work for or with the library and information management sector belong to the associations of The Partnership (BCLALAAMLANWTLAOLANSLANLLAAPLANWTLANLAYLAABQLA)

The Partnership consists of three initiatives:

Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA)
Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL)
Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB)
Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA)
Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC)
Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)


American Library Association (ALA)
International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
Special Libraries Association (SLA)