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Honourary Life Member Award Nomination Form

Nominator Information

Please include your name and contact information as the nominator. Please note that you must hold an individual SLA membership in order to nominate someone for this award.
Name of Nominator(Required)

Nominee Information

Please include the name and contact information for the person who are nominating for the Honourary Life Member Award. Please note that the person you are nominating must hold an SLA membership (whether individual or institutional) to be eligible for this award.
Name of Nominee(Required)

Reference Letter

As the nominator, you must provide a letter of reference. Your reference letter must testify with several objective and subjective reasons for your nomination, including the nominee’s service to SLA and their long-standing professional achievement in Saskatchewan. The reference letter must also include relevant biographical details and/or professional background of the nominee.
Max. file size: 32 MB.