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Organizational Continuing Education Grant

This grant is intended for any individual or institutional member seeking assistance with the planning and promotion of a continuing education opportunity to be held in Saskatchewan and open to all SLA members.


You must hold an SLA individual membership or be covered by an institutional membership prior to applying. In cases where any resources of an institution/employer are implicated in the application, a letter of support from the official voting delegate or another appropriate representative of that institution must accompany the application.

Preference will be given to those who have not previously received a continuing education grant. Grants will not be awarded if suitable candidates do not apply.

Your application must contain:

  1. A description of the activity, conference, or event being planned
  2. An outline of event logistics like date and location
  3. A proposed budget of your expected costs
  4. A one paragraph rationale statement stating the potential impact this continuing education opportunity will have on the Saskatchewan library community. This may include: relevance to your own current work, limited access to professional development due to geography, limited access to financial supports, etc.
  5. A commitment to make the workshop open to all SLA members
  6. A commitment to acknowledge the SLA grant and to include the SLA logo in event promotional materials
  7. Any required support letter(s) if applicable, as outlined under the Eligibility section

Final Report & Fund Disbursement

If you are successful in your grant application, you must provide a one to two page report describing the event and the impact it had on the library community. This report must be submitted to the SLA within four weeks of when your continuing education opportunity is held.

This report may be published in whole or in part by SLA in its communications (newsletter, website, social media, etc.).

Once you submit your final report and copies of your receipts to SLA, you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses up to $1,000.

Grant Amount:

All eligible expenses up to $1,000.

Application deadline:

February 15th and September 15th annually.

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