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The Individual Member Continuing Education Grant is solely for individuals attending a continuing education opportunity (e.g. a conference or workshop) of their choosing. Applicants must hold an SLA individual membership to be eligible. There are two grant application deadlines each year: February 15 and September 15.

Please note that coursework in a university or college that leads to a degree or diploma does not qualify for this grant. If you are seeking financial aid to assist in your formal education, please consider applying for SLA’s student bursaries and awards.

This grant covers eligible expenses up to $500. Eligible expenses include registration fees, travel costs, accommodations, meals (as per SLA’s official expense rates), equipment, and books/supplies. SLA’s approved expense rates are:

  • Hotel per night – $175
  • Breakfast (per day) – $12
  • Lunch (per day) – $18
  • Supper (per day) – $23
  • Mileage (per km) – $0.55

Successful grant applicants are required to submit a final grant report within four weeks after the date of their continuing education opportunity. SLA will mail out a cheque for up to $500 after the final grant report has been received, along with all necessary receipts.

Please fill out the below form to submit your Individual Member Continuing Education Grant final report.

Individual Member Continuing Education Grant Application

The date of the continuing education opportunity.(Required)
Please provide a breakdown of the anticipated total cost of attending. This may include: registration fees, travel costs, required textbooks or other supplies, etc.
Please describe the intended impact of the continuing education opportunity for you, which may include relevance to current work, limited access to professional development opportunities due to geography, limited financial supports, etc.