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SLAte is the monthly newsletter of the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA), published for members and the larger Saskatchewan library and information community to keep readers informed of SLA news and program opportunities. SLAte is also used to share information and opportunities from other organizations relevant to the library community.

The newsletter is published on the first day of each month. Submissions for SLAte are accepted until the 25th of each month for the upcoming issue. SLA maintains the right to edit all submissions for length, clarity, and style. To submit something for SLAte, please email the submission to Lynn Penner at and include “For SLAte” in the subject line.

News Flash is a mid-month update of events and time-sensitive news items that are of interest to SLA members.

If you would like to subscribe to the SLAte newsletter, please use the online sign up form or contact the SLA office by emailing

Author Guidelines for SLAte Contributors

SLAte is an open-access publication, and unless otherwise specified, the contributor of a submission grants the SLA and the general public a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-NC-ND copyright license.

Under this license, the contributor grants to SLA and the general public the right to copy and distribute SLAte in any medium or format, so long as it is not adapted, it is not used for commercial purposes, and attribution is given to SLA as the creator of SLAte. All photos, videos, or audio materials in SLAte are also included under this Creative Commons license, excluding all logos and other material where indicated.

As per the Creative Commons license, anyone who republishes an issue of SLAte must give credit to SLA as the original publisher. The attribution statement must be formatted as follows:

This [issue, article, photo] originally appeared in the [Month Year] issue of SLAteSLAte is the monthly newsletter of the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA), published for SLA members and the broader Saskatchewan library and information community.