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Honourary Life Membership Award

SLA accepts nominations for the Honourary Life Member Award each year to recognize individuals who have had an active role in SLA and who have made a substantial and longstanding contribution to library service in Saskatchewan. 

An Honourary Life Member is a member of SLA for life, has full voting privileges, pays no annual dues, receives all association publications, may serve on committees, and may hold office.


To be eligible for nomination for the Honourary Life Membership in SLA, a nominee must have played an active role in the affairs of SLA, and fulfill the following:

  1. Hold an active membership, either individual or institutional, in SLA at the time of nomination;
  2. Have made a substantial and recognizable longstanding contribution to library service in Saskatchewan; and,
  3. Have been active in the affairs of SLA over many years.

Nominators must be individual SLA members and provide a letter of reference in support of their nomination. This reference letter must testify with several objective and subjective reasons for the nomination that include the nominee’s service to SLA and their long-standing professional achievement in Saskatchewan. The reference letter must also include biographical details and/or professional background of the nominee.

The Honourary Life Member Award is given when merited, not necessarily annually.

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations must be made to the SLA office using the online application form or by email to using the PDF application form.

General Information

The SLA Awards Sub-Committee issues calls for nominations from SLA members and establishes submission deadlines. Nominations usually open December 1 and close February 1 annually. All nominations will be reviewed by the SLA Awards Sub-Committee.

If you have any questions about this award, please contact the SLA office by calling 306-780-3633 or by emailing

Nomination Deadline:

Nominations are open from Dec. 1, 2023 to Feb. 1, 2024.

Nomination Form

Online Nomination Form

PDF Nomination Form


2023 – Betty Leslie
2022 – Dorothea Warren
2018 – Colleen Murphy
2017 – Audrey Mark
2014 – Linda Winkler
2011 – Caroline Selinger
2010 – Bryan Foran
2008 – Gregory Salmers

  • Eleanor Acorn
  • Marion Powell
  • Marie Sakon

2002 – Patricia MacKay
2001 – Ved Arora

  • George Bothwell
  • Frances Morrison
  • Alice Turner
  • Ron Yeo

1960s through 1980s (no specific dates recorded):

  • Austin Bothwell
  • Marjorie Dunlop
  • Marion Gilroy
  • Marion M. Graham
  • Carlyle King
  • R.H. Macdonald
  • J.H. Maher
  • Ruth Murray
  • Harry E. Newsom
  • Walter Raff
  • Dr. William A. Riddell


  • Ethel Abey
  • F.B. Bagshaw
  • Emma Bell
  • Wilha Brandon